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A Game of Comparisons? 

The Night King, GoT

Game of Thrones season 7 is the real world of 2017. 
The final episode of the popular HBO show aired this week, showing increasing instability in Westeros. 

The magical land, for those who do not already know, is under attack from the living dead White Walkers from the north of a great ice wall. 

In today’s world of course these are represented by the North Koreans. 

North Korean leader Kim Jong- Un

The secretive state is also situated to the north of the relative normality of South Korea and is also flexing its war- mongering muscles.

 This week they launched yet another missile, which entered Japanese airspace during it’s 15 minutes of airtime, with the unexpected destination of a future missile being the US Pacific island of Guam. 

The north and south components that make up the Korean peninsula have been estranged for years, ever since the Korean War of the 1950s. Just like the south of the wall had originally been with the Wildlings. 

Yet a new threat has come in recent months as the despotic leader comes ever closer to gaining today’s ultimate weapon: a nuclear bomb. 

Where have we seen something like this before? Oh yes, when the Night King gains the ultimate weapon in the world of fantasy: a dragon. 

Despite my sadistic enjoyment at watching the ice dragon devastate Castle Black and the ice wall, I would be considerably less euphoric if Kim was to drop a nuclear bomb on the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas- as an exact comparison- or any country hostile to North Korea; such as the American home, of GoT author George Martin, across the Pacific.  

Even at a distant perspective the comparison remains, as the four main houses of Targarian, Lannister, Baratheon, and Stark represent China, England, the US, and Russia respectively. 

Houses of GoT

I suppose I’d better explain my reasoning for these choices: 

China is the invading country in today’s world of capitalism, and is leading the way in this ideology which contradicts it’s own communist agenda. Much like Daenerys Targaryn’s hypocrisy in her own battle for Westeros; despite presenting herself as an emancipating, forgiving leader, she “dracarys”ed the crap out of poor Lord Tarly and his son. Now they know how the FTSE100 people feel when they see China’s economy first thing every morning. 

Lannisters are the house of the lion, only difference is that England has three. They also both think they have the right to rule after their powerful and prideful histories.  

– The US and the free world is run by a foolish and questionable leader in the shape of Donald Trump, just like Robert Barateon was for house Baratheon and Westeros. 

Russia are obviously the Starks of Winterfell as it’s always cold up there and they have to wear fur on all their clothing, simple. Also the slightly cheesy analogy of Russia ‘coming in from the cold’ at the end of the Cold War, in much the same way as Eddard Stark did with the Lannisters in the early seasons. 

– The outsider to this great battle for power across the worlds are the White Walkers, or North Koreans

And just like in GoT, we do not yet know how this all shall end. We have to wait until 2019 for the program’s return, which could possibly bring the end to Westeros as we know it. 

The same may even be true of planet earth by then…

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Elitist vs polytechnic graduations 

As that time of year has arrived; where graduands become graduates, it seemed fitting, and unaddressed, to compare the awards ceremony between prestigious and former polytechnic universities.

As the alumni of a polytechnic, going on to do a Master’s degree at a ‘prestigious’ (a term I loathe) Red Brick university, it is a comparison I found intriguing and relatable.

To begin with, the ceremony I have recently attended at my poly I found to be very extravagant and formal- in a good way.

A fanfare of trumpets greeted the lecturers and chancellors as they entered the room, and the traditional red carpet was rolled out for the students to accept their awards.

The question that stuck in my mine however, was why.

Why, after a three year diet of cheap alcohol, ready- to- eat chicken and micro- rice, combined with casual language and compulsively casual dress code for lectures, did our university decide now was paramount to conform to the established ideals of the upper classes and elite universities.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed all of this- but wondered what was the necessity of it all, and how did my ceremony compare to other universities.

In comparison to the arguably most prestigious university of them all, Oxford still conducts its ceremonies in Latin as it has likely done so since its founding in 1096.

Evidently there will be students there who speak not a word of Latin- so what is the importance of upholding this tradition.

The Guardian journalist Owen Jones does much to answer questions surrounding the tradition of the elites in his book ‘The Establishment’, and, having read history at Oxford, is more capable than I in addressing said questions.

His distaste for the establishment and all it stands for is evident from the start. Yet he notes how contacts from Oxford have to a certain extent helped his career.

So perhaps the reason for this continued tradition of ceremonies in Latin is to strengthen the bonds between the university’s alumni and to partition them from the masses of students from other institutions, who also follow a formal procession.

Elitism and superiority are two words that are closely relatable to Oxford University, and to show difference from the numerous polytechnics such as my own former institution, they still seem to cling to aspects of their university heritage that are clearly redundant.


… as this is a fashion blog, I should probably relate this article back to it.


How amazing are the robes, like seriously, seeing my lecturers in all their graduation colours was very special, and added to the occasion.

This is a tradition I hope will never change, as there has been few better feelings in my life than putting on those ill fitting, awkward to walk in robes.

Lecturers from the University of Manchester adorned their fully purple robes, while those from Leeds wore green ones, and, so my mine drifted, made me want to complete a doctorate simply to gain more colourful and wonderful robes.

The only sad moment of the day was returning them, as to buy them would cost around £400.
However, one had to note on the lax filing system and security of the robe distributors whose job was to ensure the safe return of the robes- I would not be surprised if many were pinched as a result.

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Jeremy’s U- Turn (in style)

Corbyn 2017

Jeremy Corbyn has undergone a transformation in style in recent months, accompanying the increase in popularity in his Labour Party.

The left wing leader has decided to up his game and, in the weeks running up to the snap election, decided to take pride in his appearance.

Over the course of the past forty years members of the Houses of Parliament have become used to seeing Mr Corbyn wearing slack suits and an untrimmed beard and hair- as viewable below.

The route of his u- turn was based around how the leader of the country should appear- he simply didn't fit with the well- tailored Tories we have become accustomed to.

So, to address this problem, Corbyn did what most men would do before their everyday 9- 5 job, and had a shave and a haircut.

His appealing to the youth vote, as well as this change of look, was staggering and he only lost the general election by 50 seats, leaving the Tory majority a thing of the past.

More recently, however, Corbyn u- turning is relatable to aspects of his policies.

The sartorial socialist promised to cut student fees if his party came into power and insinuated they would wipe off existing student debt.

This is a folly.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday Corbyn nervously stated that he never promised to clear student debt- a statement that many young Labour voters will find astonishing.

Certainly at my university, the student debt promise was a big push to vote Labour.

Jubilation for the Tories, who now have new ground to criticise the leader of the opposition and have had a troubled time in recent weeks after their woeful election result.

Shameful for Corbyn that just as he showed promise in attire and progressive politics for the 'many not the few', a bumbling sit down with Mr Marr may have ruined his public image regardless of his revitalised wardrobe.

Corbyn 1984

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Champagne dreams and champagne nightmares 

The Champagne Papi’s style. 

Drake’s fashion is both lustful and woeful.
This article chronicles the best and worst of the Toronto titan’s sartorial choices from recent years.

He is a versatile dresser but, in the author’s opinion, he has been seen to bend the line.

Beginning this contemporary analyses of Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham, we shall see his style blossom in 2015, most notably in his ‘Hotline Bling’ banger.

Now, this is a hotline look.

Some will say the Timberlands and the complementary coloured clothes are unacceptable for a man who could afford a more elegant pair of LSQ’s from Harrods.

However, at the height of the chunky polar- neck wearing fad, as well as the resurgent of the Timberland boot, I thoroughly support this style. 

Perhaps the jeans could be a darker shade, which would make him stand out from the background in the music video, but with the complexion of his skin, it makes the outfit work nicely. 

A man of my own pale skin could not pull this look off so well, as the colours would drain me out and make me look rather sickly.

The only problem I have with this look is that the song was released in July, so polar necks and Timberland would have returned to the back of the wardrobe. So those who wanted to copy Drake’s style, would have to wait 3- 4 months for the weather to cool.


Next on the agenda is his 2016 look which is best shown in his ‘Views’ album.

In pictures taken across the his hometown’s skyline, features him again wearing wintery clothes, despite it again being released towards the summer.

Above Drake is seen wearing a bomber jacket from Cockpit USA. The sheepskin lined, leather outer jacket is incredibly desirable and its deep brown colour is in unison with the surrounding architecture.

Combined with his token necklace- which is rarely missing, and a cable- knit jumper, this is a perfect winter look, especially for those cold days in Ontario.

Yet this again raises the question why not release the album in the winter if he really had to don the jacket.

My mind jumps to presume one of two things. Either Drake does not care whether people copy his dress sense. Or Canadian pop stars are built so frailly that winter- wear is a necessity all year round.


On to the present day.

2017 has been another successful year for him. He won 2017 GQ’s best dressed man in January and has released another big tune in ‘Passionfruit’.

The photo on the cover of ‘More Life’- Passionfruit’s album- is of Drake’s father Dennis Graham, and so his style for this year has to be sourced from outside of his albums.

His photo for GQ’s album cover for February is fabulous, it is the best picture of Drake ever taken.

Voted for by the staff of British GQ, alongside top designers such as Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani and Vivienne Westwood, Drake can be seen wearing a black suit, but casualises the look with two chains, a matching gold watch, and possibly the nicest pair of sunglasses I have ever seen.

The only way I would improve on this suit is by wearing a marcella shirt with the suit, to cover the buttons, and make the look slightly more formal and dressy, which would counter the casualness of the chains and undone buttons.

But to summarise, I could not agree more with GQ’s decision, and am only surprised that he was a new entry for this years awards, and has not been selected in the past. Continue reading “Champagne dreams and champagne nightmares “

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Ad men, Mad Men

Madison Avenue was a stressful place in 1960s New York, yet Donald Draper and his Ad Men always looked the part, despite the pressure. 

The AMC series graced our screens from July 2007, and any fashion conscious gentleman should watch it for inspiration as well as entertainment. Mad Men then aired a new season each year, until its finale in 2014. 

Putting aside Draper’s womanising, alcoholism, unstable childhood, and the complete fabrication of his former life, he is somehow still a gentleman to aspire to be. 

Being at the top of New York must have certainly been special, and the money he earned was portrayed as ludicrous. 

Okay, so let’s talk about Draper’s fashion. 

Most commonly besuited in gray super slim, Draper has made this a cool style nearly sixty years after it’s time. Costume designer Janie Bryant generally dressed actor Jon Hamm in suits made by Ralph Lauren or Brooks Brothers, which were tapered at the waist to create a V shaped fit. 

To make Draper stand out from the rest of the cast- who also wear suits- Bryant expressed his creativity by having him wear woven, or patterned suits, as opposed to the block colour suits of the other ad men. 

My personal favourite suit of Draper’s is the charcoal pinstripe depicted below, which, with the cigarette and wood decor of his office, show him to be the gentleman of Madison Avenue.


Mad Men and Don Draper first entered my life in passing referred during an episode of USA Network’s Suits, where Harvey Spector aspires to be like the ‘mad man’. From this I thought to myself, if Harvey Spector, the coolest dude in New York likes Mad Men, then I’ve got to give it a try. 

It was one of my best decisions. 

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Leg tattoos

As if tattoos don’t generate enough debate as it is! Throwing in colourful leg tattoos would surely be a step too far for the well kept gent… or is it? 

GQ’s fashionista Nick Carvell, did much to sway my opinion on leg tattoos. Before, I thought they were very metrosexual, and only for the Beta- male. 

I was wrong. 

Leg tattoos are cool. But the question is whether you suit them. 

As a genetically (so I claim) chicken legged, amateur bodybuilder, I try to keep the attention away from my legs. So creating a piece of art for people to stair at on my pegs, is not a good idea. However, this does not mean I cannot appreciate the appeal of, and class of a leg tattoo on the right gentleman. 

Ideally, the best suited customers are those with complete slim anthropometrics. Tattoo adorned Demi- God Alex Turner shows this to be true. 

Now, the rise in the number of animals engraved on people’s legs has caught my attention, particularly when I was in Barcelona last summer. The Catalonian youths seemed fond of such pictures, with Jaguars being a popular choice. When I questioned Enrique, a 18 y/o resident of La Rambla, on his choice of a bear on his left lower quadricep, he said: ‘the bear is strong and feared, I like to be the same.’ It should probably be mentioned that my Spanish is horrendous, so the poor young chap had to splutter this out to me in his broken English. 

To be perfectly frank, the best suited Enrique’s rather reinforced frame, and got me wondering what animal I would chose… hypothetically of course- I should have probably mentioned that I’m an aichmophobe- and have no intention of letting something as sharp as a needle touching me. 

I digress. In this dreampt up world, where the tattoo artist was not Satan and the needle his trident, I thought about having a snake. The simple reason being that it would look cool. This was a mistake, as I soon realised; a snake slithering down ones quadriceps will likely get you kicked out of a family restaurant, for reasons a gentleman should not divulge. 

My second thought was a wolf. 

This seemed relatively safe; they are strong, attractive to look at, raise no sexual concern when visible out the bottom of a pair of shorts.

Despite looking nice- certainly some designs I have seen are very aesthetically pleasing- I circled back to the earlier issue of: whether it would suit me. 

Comfortably this can be answered… nope. 

Despite having a slightly rugged appearance, my personality couldn’t be any less wolffish. Perhaps something more resembling a budgie would suit me, but who the heck wants one of those on their body?

Anyway, less able my own misgivings, and more about leg tattoos. 

Ignoring the unforgivable act of wearing visable Nike socks with smart attire, this gent has got the leg tattoo look spot on. 

As aforementioned, the sleekness of the tattoos compliment the slenderness of his leg, and creates the desired effect of a clean, yet artistic look. 

Evidently I am going to have to address the Gucci’s. Topping off this chaps style, the low cut of the shoe allows more of the tattoo to be seen, thus projects the full extent of his artwork to the world. 

I do sometimes find myself wishing I could pull off such a look. However, some were meant to be desired, some were meant to admire. I am comfortable with that fact. 

Gucci shoes in this style are available from Prices start from £365. My person favourite ones are the Noel Gg (I hope this doesn’t stand for Noel Gallagher) web leather loafers, which are on the cheaper side, but are still awesome! 

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Black/ Brown/ Blue: The Debate

Questions often arise, in the fashion world, on whether the aforementioned colours can be worn together. They are called neutral colours, and so allegedly can be worn with any other colour. I am sceptical to say they can, however, sometimes there are exceptions. 

The rule to follow is: never wear all three at the same time, and try not to wear black with blue. The evidence for this is based on my experiences with people at university; where they chuck these colours together willy- nilly because they believe the university nightclub scene does not judge. This is a folly and their partnering of navy shoes, with black jeans, and light brown shoes is disastrous. 

The main exception to this is dark navy upper wear, black trousers, and dark brown shoes. This was a match I donned commonly whilst at sixth form, but nowadays one does not see the need to. 

Further evidencing this is suits. You would not wear a black suit with a brown pair of shoes, or a brown belt; without looking foolish. Zac Efron has had to learn this the hard way at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2012. He sported a black suit and tie, with brown shoes and no belt! Now I am a fan of ZEfron, but who the heck wears a suit without a belt, unless one has braces? I do hope he had a stern word with his stylist after this, or, if he did not have one, invested. 

So to summarise this brief discussion on a often overlooked rule, only wear these colours together if you have to. And definitely do not do a ZEfron! 

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Luxury Leather

When deciding upon the perfect leather jacket, my rule of thumb is: brown for blondes (myself), and black for browns. Clearly this is not gospel, however speaking as a blonde haired male, I feel, not to mention look, much better in brown leather. The dark of hair Chris John Millington constantly condricts this rule, and despite looking good in brown leather, I do feel he is suited better to black jackets. 

When my father was around my age, he too had the agonising task of buying the perfect leather jacket. Processing this image of my father, a man who will only wear Craghoppers or Berghaus, sifting through for a stylish item of clothing, tickles me. Anyway, he chose a black leather jacket, of good quality and wore it with pride with his other big budget buy- a pair of black Dr Martins. For the record, I had to prise this information from my mother, as my father would likely ask which surgery this Dr Martin belongs to. My father adored this jacket, and wore it everywhere; even to my maternal grandfathers farm… to his peril. 

Due to my grandfather being of the inventive sort, he used to create lighting for his workshop out of long poles, attached to a lorry tire on the floor. Standing at around 5ft, this unorthodox looking light, was the perfect height for a coat hanger, which my father saw as fit to use. Out of pure habit, my grandfather switched on said light at a switch on the wall. Well… the inner lining of the leather jacket proceeded to combust at a fair rate of knots, and my late grandfather had the frightful task of informing his soon- to- be son- in- law, that his most treasured item had been for a dip in the inner sanctum of Mount Doom. 

From this anecdote, I learnt two valuable lessons: do not be liberal with the word coat hanger, and if you buy an expensive leather jacket, do not wear it everywhere! 

In terms of style of leather jacket, my father had a double rider (like what one will have seen the likes of James Dean wearing), however this is not a favourite of mine. I prefer the café racer style, as depicted in the image below, due to its streamline fit which, on the right person, accentuates ones figure. 

Belstaff is an icon and trustworthy brand in leather attire, with this being a recommendable place to purchase a pricier jacket. The Belstaff jacket pictured below is the Atherley jacket, and is expertly paired with beige knitwear. 

Many fashion houses, as well as many bloggers, vloggers, hoggers or whatever other names people go by now, often present bright leather with equally bright undergarments. This is not the gentlemanly way. A smart leather jacket will attract jubilation for what it is; it does not have to be forced upon the beholder with bedazzling and so forth. Phillip Plein is one example of this, where he has exhausted and arguably ruined this once staple member of the gentleman’s wardrobe. Keep it simple chaps, it looks classier that way. 

Belstaff leather jackets can be bought from from £325. Considering the lifelong companion this product may well become, the steep price tag, is not so Himalayan after all. 

For the Atherley jacket shown below, is the only place I can locate this item. Prices start from £1100. 

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Oxfords vs Brogues

Embroidery, or no embroidery… that is the question. A brogue is an Oxford with detailing across the cap of the shoe, and sometimes around the side. Oxfords tend to be a plain shoe, sometimes with a converse style toe cap. 

Similarities between the two shoes include: open lacing, a heel cap, and a curved toe. 

Differences include: a ‘w’ or wing shaped piece of leather features the brogue, with Oxfords maintaining a smooth leather exterior. 

This debate is addressed recently and notably in Kingsman: The Secret Service, as Colin Firth emphasises the superiority of oxfords. This discussion relates to the traditional predjudice of brogues only being for the countryman, with Oxfords being the choice for a stylish city gentleman. 

This is a foley. In the present day brogues can be worn fashionably and respectfully for any occasion, especially for upper class city dwellers. 

Blake Scott, Instagram menswear icon, can be seen wearing subtly embroiled Oxfords, smartly on the fashion conscious streets of LA below. He is an example of how brogues are perfectly acceptable for any situation and dresswear in the modern day. 

My favourite pair of brogues are from Gucci, with the not so subtle addition of their logo to the wings. They can be purchased from for £485. provide a budget alternative pair of brogues for £60. 

First choice of Oxford shoes has to be ‘Mansion’ from for £120. These are reasonably priced, and are proven to last by their good quality manufacturing; I have had mine for 3 years and still look new! 

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Sports and tartan are not something often combined on the international stage. 

However it is clearly a success, and is Scotland’s fastest selling rugby kit of all time. This is evidently due to the blue and green tartan design under the flanks, collar, and sleeve. The kit makers Macron have excelled here. 

The kit was first worn at Murryfield on Saturday 29th August against Italy, and is still being worn by the national team to this day. 

Dominic McKay, Director of Commercial Operations, Communications and Public Affairs, said: “The response to Scotland’s new playing jersey is unprecedented.”

The men’s replica shirt, that Ross Ford wears here, can be bought from 

It can be purchased for £62.99.