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Rustic interior ideas

I am looking to purchase one of these for my bedroom at university. 

It combines the aesthetic appeal of a retro chair, and the modern day practicality of a computer desk chair; which I find useful when studying or reading, but in style.

 It is similar to the chairs my grandparents had at ther house in rural Norfolk, which I absolutely hated when I was younger, but have grown to adore. 

This combined with dark brown and grey colours, in a room with a wooden desk and an Bodleian inspired bookcase, would be the perfect attributes for a civilised, middle- class bachelor pad.

Potentially to accompany this, a Chesterfield chair with a blue and green tartan pillow, would be a suitable mix. 

  Chairs in this style can be bought from for £549. 


Inexpensively styling the modern day gent.

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