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Cambridge Satchel Company šŸ’¼Ā 

These are a staple for any British gentleman with paperwork. I have had mine for around 3 years now, and it has assisted me with my university studies everyday.

 At the north- westuniversity   I attend, it is not exactly popular due to their primitive focus on the sporting west brands like adidas and Nike, and failure to acknowledge the gentlemanly fashion of a southerner.

 The bag itself is the perfect size to fit a laptop in, as well as around 7 acedemic books for your studies, bearing in mind I have the 15″ Cambridge Batchel, so other styles may vary.

We have all seen the Google Chrome advert featuring its development in Cambridge, from a woman’s lust for her childhood schoolbag. I feel a certain resemblance between this bag and the University of Cambridge; possibly due to its plain, but stern and chic appearance. It should be noted that Julie Deane, founder and CEO, has partnered with the university to create a spectacular bag on a different occasion.

 I fully endorse the majority of styles that this brand produces, however some that are made for the catwalk, and it would be good advice to steer clear from these if buying for day- to- day usage. 


Inexpensively styling the modern day gent.

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