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Mycroft Holmes

This is Bobby Waterhouse of London. He is a fashion guru and has always reminded me of Mycroft Holmes. 

Ignoring his beard and moustache for a minuite, the bone umbrella handle, double breasted suit, and glasses depict what I believe as a young Mycroft when he was at Oxford. 

Consulting the moustache and beard, Mr Waterhouse has it at the perfect thickness to appear slightly grizzly, but also short enough so that a clean cut is still produced, and the moustache curled up at the ends, certainly adds to the autocratic image that Waterhouse presents. 

Despite not being a massive fan of the aforementioned round glasses, Waterhouse pulls them off in a way so few can; to look intellectual, rather than a hipster trying to be indie. 


Inexpensively styling the modern day gent.

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