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Travel in style with the right items. 

This bag is the perfect size for a longer term engagement, with it fitting shoes and clothes in it enough for the weekend. Similarly it can be used for the few books and magazines necessary for a brief journey to the city. 

These loafers are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also very comfortable. Clarks Originals being the preferred choice of brands, but many others can provide shoes if ergonomic pleasure. 

Paired with a bright pair of socks, for a slight reveal on the cross legged gentleman. Minimal design on the socks is just as desirable as patterned ones. However my personal choice is the less patterned the better. 

Travelling by train is arguably the most fashionable way, as long as done correctly. Like with a degree, first class is a necessity, as well as a fashion magazine, and a cup of non- mainstream coffee. These together turns what can be an arduous journey, into a mans cross country catwalk. 


Inexpensively styling the modern day gent.

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