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Kent & Curwen

A traditionally British brand is on the rise, reknown for its classic style and tailoring.

Kent and Curwen was established in 1926, when the founders Eric Kent and Dorothy Curwen met on Saville Row. They have supplied ties for Oxbridge and public schools since 1929, and the brands label was also stitched in the ties of the British army. The company started producing knitwear in 1932, and further expanded to blazers in the 1950s. The Saville Row duo registered its trademark three lions logo in 1982, which makes it so distinguishable, and so British.

Moving into Kent and Curwen’s recent history, former England footballer, David Beckham, became an ambassador in 2015. Mr Beckham commented on his latest collaboration with K&C saying: ‘it respects the old and brings in the new.’ He further said he was ‘excited about the launch of his new collection’.  Mr Beckham joins former England cricket captain, Alistair Cook (left in the picture above) and Nick Compton (right in picture above), who notably fronted K&C’s promotional campaign in 2013.

Having sports stars as ambassadors, suits the label’s sports inspired clothes. Their recent products have drawn inspiration from rugby and cricket attire, with military style here and there.

A personal favourite of Mr Beckham’s collection are the knitted cricket sweatshirts, as advertised by Cook and Compton above. Coming in white or blue, with yellow or green collars, the jumpers certainly capture the crisp and clean nature that many British gents can recall from their schoolboy days.

For those interested, Kent and Curwen’s cricket jumpers can be bought from, with the price of the v- neck cricket sweaters at £495.



Inexpensively styling the modern day gent.

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