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Jeremy’s U- Turn (in style)

Corbyn 2017

Jeremy Corbyn has undergone a transformation in style in recent months, accompanying the increase in popularity in his Labour Party.

The left wing leader has decided to up his game and, in the weeks running up to the snap election, decided to take pride in his appearance.

Over the course of the past forty years members of the Houses of Parliament have become used to seeing Mr Corbyn wearing slack suits and an untrimmed beard and hair- as viewable below.

The route of his u- turn was based around how the leader of the country should appear- he simply didn't fit with the well- tailored Tories we have become accustomed to.

So, to address this problem, Corbyn did what most men would do before their everyday 9- 5 job, and had a shave and a haircut.

His appealing to the youth vote, as well as this change of look, was staggering and he only lost the general election by 50 seats, leaving the Tory majority a thing of the past.

More recently, however, Corbyn u- turning is relatable to aspects of his policies.

The sartorial socialist promised to cut student fees if his party came into power and insinuated they would wipe off existing student debt.

This is a folly.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday Corbyn nervously stated that he never promised to clear student debt- a statement that many young Labour voters will find astonishing.

Certainly at my university, the student debt promise was a big push to vote Labour.

Jubilation for the Tories, who now have new ground to criticise the leader of the opposition and have had a troubled time in recent weeks after their woeful election result.

Shameful for Corbyn that just as he showed promise in attire and progressive politics for the 'many not the few', a bumbling sit down with Mr Marr may have ruined his public image regardless of his revitalised wardrobe.

Corbyn 1984



Inexpensively styling the modern day gent.

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