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A Game of Comparisons? 

The Night King, GoT

Game of Thrones season 7 is the real world of 2017. 
The final episode of the popular HBO show aired this week, showing increasing instability in Westeros. 

The magical land, for those who do not already know, is under attack from the living dead White Walkers from the north of a great ice wall. 

In today’s world of course these are represented by the North Koreans. 

North Korean leader Kim Jong- Un

The secretive state is also situated to the north of the relative normality of South Korea and is also flexing its war- mongering muscles.

 This week they launched yet another missile, which entered Japanese airspace during it’s 15 minutes of airtime, with the unexpected destination of a future missile being the US Pacific island of Guam. 

The north and south components that make up the Korean peninsula have been estranged for years, ever since the Korean War of the 1950s. Just like the south of the wall had originally been with the Wildlings. 

Yet a new threat has come in recent months as the despotic leader comes ever closer to gaining today’s ultimate weapon: a nuclear bomb. 

Where have we seen something like this before? Oh yes, when the Night King gains the ultimate weapon in the world of fantasy: a dragon. 

Despite my sadistic enjoyment at watching the ice dragon devastate Castle Black and the ice wall, I would be considerably less euphoric if Kim was to drop a nuclear bomb on the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas- as an exact comparison- or any country hostile to North Korea; such as the American home, of GoT author George Martin, across the Pacific.  

Even at a distant perspective the comparison remains, as the four main houses of Targarian, Lannister, Baratheon, and Stark represent China, England, the US, and Russia respectively. 

Houses of GoT

I suppose I’d better explain my reasoning for these choices: 

China is the invading country in today’s world of capitalism, and is leading the way in this ideology which contradicts it’s own communist agenda. Much like Daenerys Targaryn’s hypocrisy in her own battle for Westeros; despite presenting herself as an emancipating, forgiving leader, she “dracarys”ed the crap out of poor Lord Tarly and his son. Now they know how the FTSE100 people feel when they see China’s economy first thing every morning. 

Lannisters are the house of the lion, only difference is that England has three. They also both think they have the right to rule after their powerful and prideful histories.  

– The US and the free world is run by a foolish and questionable leader in the shape of Donald Trump, just like Robert Barateon was for house Baratheon and Westeros. 

Russia are obviously the Starks of Winterfell as it’s always cold up there and they have to wear fur on all their clothing, simple. Also the slightly cheesy analogy of Russia ‘coming in from the cold’ at the end of the Cold War, in much the same way as Eddard Stark did with the Lannisters in the early seasons. 

– The outsider to this great battle for power across the worlds are the White Walkers, or North Koreans

And just like in GoT, we do not yet know how this all shall end. We have to wait until 2019 for the program’s return, which could possibly bring the end to Westeros as we know it. 

The same may even be true of planet earth by then…



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