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Luxury Leather

When deciding upon the perfect leather jacket, my rule of thumb is: brown for blondes (myself), and black for browns. Clearly this is not gospel, however speaking as a blonde haired male, I feel, not to mention look, much better in brown leather. The dark of hair Chris John Millington constantly condricts this rule, and despite looking good in brown leather, I do feel he is suited better to black jackets. 

When my father was around my age, he too had the agonising task of buying the perfect leather jacket. Processing this image of my father, a man who will only wear Craghoppers or Berghaus, sifting through for a stylish item of clothing, tickles me. Anyway, he chose a black leather jacket, of good quality and wore it with pride with his other big budget buy- a pair of black Dr Martins. For the record, I had to prise this information from my mother, as my father would likely ask which surgery this Dr Martin belongs to. My father adored this jacket, and wore it everywhere; even to my maternal grandfathers farm… to his peril. 

Due to my grandfather being of the inventive sort, he used to create lighting for his workshop out of long poles, attached to a lorry tire on the floor. Standing at around 5ft, this unorthodox looking light, was the perfect height for a coat hanger, which my father saw as fit to use. Out of pure habit, my grandfather switched on said light at a switch on the wall. Well… the inner lining of the leather jacket proceeded to combust at a fair rate of knots, and my late grandfather had the frightful task of informing his soon- to- be son- in- law, that his most treasured item had been for a dip in the inner sanctum of Mount Doom. 

From this anecdote, I learnt two valuable lessons: do not be liberal with the word coat hanger, and if you buy an expensive leather jacket, do not wear it everywhere! 

In terms of style of leather jacket, my father had a double rider (like what one will have seen the likes of James Dean wearing), however this is not a favourite of mine. I prefer the café racer style, as depicted in the image below, due to its streamline fit which, on the right person, accentuates ones figure. 

Belstaff is an icon and trustworthy brand in leather attire, with this being a recommendable place to purchase a pricier jacket. The Belstaff jacket pictured below is the Atherley jacket, and is expertly paired with beige knitwear. 

Many fashion houses, as well as many bloggers, vloggers, hoggers or whatever other names people go by now, often present bright leather with equally bright undergarments. This is not the gentlemanly way. A smart leather jacket will attract jubilation for what it is; it does not have to be forced upon the beholder with bedazzling and so forth. Phillip Plein is one example of this, where he has exhausted and arguably ruined this once staple member of the gentleman’s wardrobe. Keep it simple chaps, it looks classier that way. 

Belstaff leather jackets can be bought from from £325. Considering the lifelong companion this product may well become, the steep price tag, is not so Himalayan after all. 

For the Atherley jacket shown below, is the only place I can locate this item. Prices start from £1100. 

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A controversial item for some, braces can make or break an outfit. 

Teenage hipsters matching these with a pair of Doc Martins, are not what we want to see. 

A correctly worn pair of braces can produce the image of an Oxbridge aristocrat who has a ballsey stylist,  or is not afraid to accessorise his suits. 

Gareth Mallory is a recent addition to the James Bond films, Skyfall and Spectre, and wears this item of clothing in the perfect manner. 

He is depicted here in the aristocrats natural environment; a classy, wood dominant office, somewhere in Whitehall. 

Portrayed by Ralph Fiennes, Mallory wears a pair of Ede & Ravenscroft Dark Blue Fleur De Lys braces (suspenders). The subtle Fleur De Lis pattern on these suspenders certainly exemplify one traditional meaning of the flower; perfection.  

An interesting question is why the stylist for Skyfall decided to befit Mallory in the risky accessory. Skyfall’s costume designer Jany Temime said: ‘You have to respect a certain style – English gentleman’. An English gentleman is certainly something Mrs Temime has created in M.

Prices for these were from £55, but are no longer available new. Similar braces are available from £45 on their website

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Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes returns to our televisions tonight, and so does its fashion features. 

This is the interior of 221B Bakers Street. How classy and traditionally British the television depiction of this famous character is. 

Despite it looking like a range of useless antiques, this style is certainly something I would desire from any house, let alone one in central London, as perfectly set as Mr Holmes’ house. 

My regards to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for bringing us this amazing character, and thank you to the BBC for presenting such a fantastic show for fashionistas like myself. 

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James Bond

Looking like the late Steve McQueen, Daniel Craig here could not look any more classy. 

Craig here embodied the country gent in a wax jacket, shotgun slung over the arm, and greatest of all British car manufactures present in the rear of the picture. 

This scene from Skyfall is one of my all- time favourate movie scenes, not for the action necessarily, but for the clothing on display. 

Not only is Daniel Craig kitted to the max with this fantastic Barbour X to Ki to Beacon sports jacket, but Javier Bardem is similar well dressed in the powerful long trench coat.

 As far as wax jackets go, this is the pinnacle, unfortunately is on the expensive side, but as a lifelong accessory to your wardrobe, it’s certainly worth it. 

Barbour X to Ki Wax Jackets can be purchased from the Barbour store in London (Carnaby Street) for around £399. 

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Argyll Jumpers

Despite it being a V- neck, which I generally see as a no- go, this jumper is awesome! I believe it would look rather fantastic with a pair of light chinos and a crisp white shirt underneath. 

Pringle of Scotland is the firm choice of brand for this item. Due to its Scottish heritage and the home of the legendary golf course at St Andrews, this is a good addition to the wardrobe this winter. 

It cannot really be worn casually, with loose or light jeans for example, but who wants to dress casually anyway? 

Buy this and forever look like a fashionable gentleman on the golf course, something epitomised by MIC’s Jamie Lang. 

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Rustic interior ideas

I am looking to purchase one of these for my bedroom at university. 

It combines the aesthetic appeal of a retro chair, and the modern day practicality of a computer desk chair; which I find useful when studying or reading, but in style.

 It is similar to the chairs my grandparents had at ther house in rural Norfolk, which I absolutely hated when I was younger, but have grown to adore. 

This combined with dark brown and grey colours, in a room with a wooden desk and an Bodleian inspired bookcase, would be the perfect attributes for a civilised, middle- class bachelor pad.

Potentially to accompany this, a Chesterfield chair with a blue and green tartan pillow, would be a suitable mix. 

  Chairs in this style can be bought from for £549. 

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Facial Hair

How fantastic is this moustache? 

It combines a clean, and well kept look, with a thickness that shows people you’re a real man. 

Combined with the pompadour haircut with shaved sides, this is a superb way to wear your hair. 

As well as this, the attire appears to be classy. What looks like a herringbone blazer, accompanied with a white shirt, and tie, this unidentifiable man has certainly got pnash.