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A controversial item for some, braces can make or break an outfit. 

Teenage hipsters matching these with a pair of Doc Martins, are not what we want to see. 

A correctly worn pair of braces can produce the image of an Oxbridge aristocrat who has a ballsey stylist,  or is not afraid to accessorise his suits. 

Gareth Mallory is a recent addition to the James Bond films, Skyfall and Spectre, and wears this item of clothing in the perfect manner. 

He is depicted here in the aristocrats natural environment; a classy, wood dominant office, somewhere in Whitehall. 

Portrayed by Ralph Fiennes, Mallory wears a pair of Ede & Ravenscroft Dark Blue Fleur De Lys braces (suspenders). The subtle Fleur De Lis pattern on these suspenders certainly exemplify one traditional meaning of the flower; perfection.  

An interesting question is why the stylist for Skyfall decided to befit Mallory in the risky accessory. Skyfall’s costume designer Jany Temime said: ‘You have to respect a certain style – English gentleman’. An English gentleman is certainly something Mrs Temime has created in M.

Prices for these were from £55, but are no longer available new. Similar braces are available from £45 on their website

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James Bond

Looking like the late Steve McQueen, Daniel Craig here could not look any more classy. 

Craig here embodied the country gent in a wax jacket, shotgun slung over the arm, and greatest of all British car manufactures present in the rear of the picture. 

This scene from Skyfall is one of my all- time favourate movie scenes, not for the action necessarily, but for the clothing on display. 

Not only is Daniel Craig kitted to the max with this fantastic Barbour X to Ki to Beacon sports jacket, but Javier Bardem is similar well dressed in the powerful long trench coat.

 As far as wax jackets go, this is the pinnacle, unfortunately is on the expensive side, but as a lifelong accessory to your wardrobe, it’s certainly worth it. 

Barbour X to Ki Wax Jackets can be purchased from the Barbour store in London (Carnaby Street) for around £399. 

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Evidently James Bond is the pinnacle, but Spooks: The Greater Good is a respectively good edition to the spy movie genre.

Kit Harrington as an MI5 agent may be questionable, but the differences in fashion, style of speech, locations filmed, etc all add to the uniqueness of this enjoyable movie.