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Mark Francis

Born to a Russian aristocrat and Italian industrialist, Mr Francis, full name Mark- Francis Vandelli Orlov- Romanovsky, somehow found himself in London. He was educated at St- Paul’s boys school, possibly the route of his impeccable manners, then University College London where he graduated with a degree in Art History.

His mother, the aristocrat, was a Russian princess and ambassador for Yves Saint Laurent during the 70s and 80s. Rather little is known about her past, with no pictures available either. This is surely most bizarre, for a representative of a global fashion brand, and former princess.

From his former title as a distant heir to the Russian throne, to his speedy quips on Made in Chelsea, he is the epitome of the modern day gentleman. Mr Francis’ style in fashion, and interior design, with MIC showing snippets from inside his boudoir which look utterly fantastic, certainly make him one the most respectable TV personalities.

Simply from viewing the image below, his aristocratic upbringing is evident. The large fireplace, classic leather chair, combined with his lightly coloured chinos and blazer, demonstrate the interior of very few affluent households in the west of London. For a gentleman, the lifestyle of Mark Francis is the ultimate goal.


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Pussy Hound

A very interesting article from Michael Wolff features in the GQ January edition, which Michael Wolff strays away from his usual respectable topics, and focusses on the pursuit of women by sexually motivated men. He discusses the levels which some men are willing to go to get laid, and uses celebrity examples, such as Donald Trump and Bill Cosby, to demonstrate sexual assault. He concludes by stating that being a pussy hound is a thing for old, dirty men, as opposed to prepubescent teenagers; something which, from my university experiences, as not included to agree on. In my observations, what is more noticeable is the number of celebrity cases of sexual assault being by older men, therefore the general public prejudges this as the only instances occurring. Whilst at university I have seen many cases at sports social, in nightclubs, evening in mixed varsity matches, where women have been objectified, and have been unwarrently touched or spoke to by males on their same team and others. This showing that it is not just the older men, as Wolff states, who are guilty of being a pussy hound, but still the teenagers and young adults as well. What I feel Wolff steers clear of, is the question of whether the same is being done by women to men, I believe he has not spoke about this due to it being a men’s magazine, and the thought of men being objectified may seem rather emasculating. 

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This is my late grandfathers Fordson Major, something which my family dearly treasure. He possessed this tractor since 1954 when he started farming the small area of land which is still in the family today. It is my goal to help my father, as much as possible given our limited engineering skills, to refurbish this fantastic machine. However we are at an impasse over whether to refurbish it to the aesthetics of anshow tractor today, or to the standard it would have been when my grandfather bought it… myself personally preferring the latter idea. Unfortunately the machine is not in this condition at the moment as in the process of being stripped down by my father. This photo was taken last summer, on one of the few chances I had to help my grandfather with the harvest. Comment your opinions please!